About Fay Fitness

Start where you’re at.

Fay Fitness training begins with a thorough assessment, ensuring that your unique needs are fully addressed. Your goals, preferences, experience and genetics are taken into account in order to choreograph your tailored fitness plan.

Build within the big picture.

As a Lifestyle and Weight Management Health Coach/Personal Trainer, Anne Fay offers a balanced approach to health including exercise, weight management, stress reduction and lifestyle change. We thrive when our body, mind and spirit get appropriate care.

Honor your season of life.

Are you pregnant? Overcoming an injury? Preparing for or recovering from an athletic event? Reentering the world of fitness? Whatever season of life you are in, Fay Fitness will assess where you are and provide you with an appropriate health plan to meet your current and long term needs. Using periodization training, you will progress in a systematic and progressive manner, safely and sensibly reaching your goals.

Enjoy a fish... and a pole!

Beginning a new health routine can be quite intimidating. Anne has a passion for helping beginners overcome hurdles. At Fay Fitness, we believe education, wisely applied, is the key to success. You will learn the “how and why” behind the “what” for each element of your plan, developing a deeper understanding of your body, it’s unique needs, and how it’s integrated systems work together. This will build your confidence and independence as you achieve your goals.